What is this resource for? For whom is this portal?


This portal is created for communication of people connected with commercial real estate. It makes possible discussions on the most effective use of these important resources of the Russian Federation, since they contribute to the rise of the national economy and its prosperity. This site allows international investors to receive reliable and timely information on the situation on the commercial real estate market in Russia and make the right decisions with their assets in the territory of the Russian Federation and about investing in its economy. This is a platform for people professionally engaged in transactions with commercial real estate and land in Russia, as well as for people who want to have additional or basic income from transactions in the commercial real estate market. To such people the portal will offer various services that allows one to create income at all times within the law throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, thus creating a solid financial foundation for well-being of yourself and your family.


What is not allowed in the forum: Political debates, religious discussions, racial and gender discrimination, profanity, spam and trolling. Welcome!